Dennis Nicholas PART 2

Dennis Nicholas – Motorcycle Technician

The second of the technician trio is Dennis. Another one of our crew that was born in Germany but he as well grew up in Texas. He started his Strokers Dallas career while in high school mopping floors and selling hot dogs. After graduation he moved to Florida to begin a 2 year Harley Davidson program and asked Rick Fairless to hold him a position at Strokers Dallas. Rick told him he would hire him back if he kept his grades up and his attendance was perfect. Dennis kept his word as did Rick and became an employee of Strokers Dallas on January 28, 2014. He does full paint sets, make runs, and he is skilled at all carburetors. He rides a café ’93 Harley Davidson Sportster. Some Personal Stats: He loves buying motorcycles, repairing and then selling them which is commonly known as flipping.

Part 2 of Strokers Mechanic Dennis Nicholas interview.

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